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A month ago I started trying every kind of Twitter service I could find. Needless to say, I was "Twitter-pated". With ways to twitter that match nearly every lifestyle, I began to catch the "Twision" of this neat little technology that was created for people to answer the question, "What are you doing?"…in 140 words or less. The popular micro-blogging site Twitter is a very simple service. For some it’s TOO simple. I find that those who "don’t get" Twitter simply need to find a way to use it. In essence everyone who wishes to understand Twitter needs to find a way to make it their own. Hopefully this this blog post will help you explore some of the possibilities of how Twitter can work for you.

Why Tweet?

This service is simple, but don’t be fooled! There are so many ways to use Twitter, and here are just a few of them.

  1. Haven’t look too much into it, but link building may be a latent benefit.
  2. Quickly get advice from a group of friends: "Guys, you know where to get some shin guards for tonight’s game?"
  3. Broadcast the play-by-play of town meeting that others couldn’t get to.
  4. Get your local traffic report, weather, or sports updates.
  5. Get breaking news or top stories from your favorite news station.
  6. Political candidates are reaching out to a new generation of voters.
  7. Have your plant tell you when it’s thirsty
  8. Get out of jail!

How to Tweet

Here are some desktop applications utilizing Twitter:

  1. Twitterrific – A small paid desktop application that acts similar to an instant messenger. No need for a browser.
  2. Twidget is a free Dashboard Widget for OS X that allows you to update and view your friends’ Twitter statuses.

Use Twitter from your phone or even from an instant messenger like Google Chat. Setup is a cinch. Do this from Twitter’s homepage.

Twitter in Firefox

For those of you who absolutely love to "pimp" your browser, check out the following Firefox Twitter plugins (add-ons):

  1. TwittyTunes – By the very competent makers of FoxyTunes, this little app sits in the bottom of your browser and is perhaps one of the easiest ways to twitter about what you’re currently working on.
  2. Twitbin – Easily send and receive messages on twitter via your Firefox sidebar.
  3. Twitterbar – This is a fun one. Send a Twitter by typing into your address bar.
  4. TwitterFox – Get all your twitters fed to your browser like an instant messenger.

And, if you’re into combining several tasks into one place check out these fun Firefox add-ons that combine Tweeting with other social networking options:

  1. Shareaholic – You can easily twitter, digg, etc straight from your browser even when the site you’re on doesn’t have the option to do so. (supported networks: * digg * * facebook * friendfeed * google bookmarks * magnolia * mixx * reddit * simpy * stumbleupon * truemors * tumblr * twitter * bzzster!)
  2. BlogRovr – Are you an avid blogger? With BlogRover you can blog from the same window as the one you’re browsing in. And of course, built in Twittering!

Twitter for Bloggers

  1. Twitter Tools – Blogger? Use this plugin to send the title to Twitter. It will also add a link to your post.

Twitter Apps on Facebook

  1. Twitter – As Twitter’s official application this will tie your twitter and facebook accounts together and even give you the option of posting your tweets to your Facebook status, kinda fun if you’re a twitterholic, but don’t spend so much time on Facebook :o).
  2. Twittervision – This little application combines mapping technology and twitter to let you see where your friends are twittering from.
  3. Note: If you add several applications that all update your mini feed, you’ll want to edit the settings so that they don’t all junk up your feed with the exact same update.

Twitter Alternatives

    If Twitter is not your style then don’t rule out "micro-blogging" just yet. You may find one of these other "presence networks" a little bit better match.

  1. Tumblr – Truly this is blogging in its simplest definition of the word. Post a few words, an image, video or audio. Less is more.
  2. Jaiku – Google purchased Jaiku is slated to be quite the contender of Twitter. While it’s in beta, you’ll need to request an invitation to use it. Good luck!
  3. PownceAn easy "way to keep in touch with and share stuff with your friends. Send people files, links, events, and messages and then have real conversations with the recipients."
  4. Keep your eyes open for reviews of these other popular micro-blogging services.

Other Reviews of Twitter Tools


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