5 Useful Tips For Pumpkin Carving

Posted on 19. Oct, 2012 by in Random

I’m a novice when it comes to carving pumpkins. I had some friends over to carve some pumpkins with our kids. I used a pumpkin carving knife (totally worth it) to cut the top open. Nothing new here. Then I proceeded to scoop out the guts of the pumpkin with a spoon. It was a […]

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Increase ROI Through SEO All By COB

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in SEO

This commercial is a wee bit in-your-face-weird. It’s one of the rare times that the term SEO has been used on television (at least in my TV watching experience). I wonder what percentage of people who saw this commercial on TV even know what SEO means? I especially liked the use of acronyms—was I the […]

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Vanity Metrics vs Actionable Metrics

Posted on 12. Sep, 2012 by in social media

(Photo: See DonkeyHotey) A recent post on Mashable.com by Alex Fitzpatrick talks about Obama’s Digital Team versus Romney’s Digital Team and which team might be the best at social media. It was mentioned that Obama’s team is seen as superior in the sense that Obama has significantly more followers on Twitter and Facebook (19.2 million […]

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We Should Embrace Our Mediocrity

Posted on 24. Aug, 2012 by in Uncategorized

James Altucher’s most recent blog post “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People” was a good one. He talks about how most of us are really mediocre people and that’s okay. We should embrace our mediocrity. He gives seven recommendations on how to be a highly effective mediocre person: Procrastination Zero-tasking Failure Not original […]

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How Many Americans Search For “SEO” Each Month?

Posted on 06. Jul, 2012 by in SEO

2.24 million to be exact. SEO is still a big topic and a type of Internet marketing that many are still in need of. This infographic gives some interesting stats on how interested in SEO the world is. Here are some highlights: 3.5 people search for the term “SEO” every second Los Angeles is the […]

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Why are Links So Important?

Posted on 01. Jun, 2011 by in link building, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

It can seem in the world of SEO that all that is focused on is getting links. While this may be true to a point this is not the main focus of SEO. The real reason that getting links is so important is to improve site authority. Imagine you are looking at a new pair […]

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